Cooking Menus

Clive Fowler  19-Feb-2013 - Version 2

Six very good reasons for trying our meal service:

  1. Much cheaper than the restaurants.
  2. Much tastier than the restaurants.
  3. More generous portions than the restaurants.
  4. All produce used is fresh and locally grown.
  5. Meals can be personalised to suit your taste and dietary requirements.
  6. Meals can be delivered at any time that suits you and be eaten in the comfort of your apartment or villa.

Meal orders can be for any number from 2 to 30 people.

Sample Lunch/Dinner Cooking Menu Available At Our Villas

Fish Soup (potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and various herbs)
Red Snapper (fried, baked or steamed with creole sauce)
Dorado (fried, baked or steamed with creole sauce)
Tuna (fried, baked or steamed with creole sauce)
King Fish (fried, baked or steamed with creole sauce)
Chicken (baked, fried, stewed or sweet & sour)
Pork (baked or stewed)
Beef (stewed)
Lobster (boiled, served whole or shelled with a creole sauce)
Lambi (boiled, served with a creole sauce)
Macaroni & Cheese
Chow Mein
Provisions (sweet potatoes, ripe plantain, yam etc)
Egg Plant (baked)
Steamed Vegetables

Pasta Salad

Cold Slaw
Peas (lentils, black eye, red beans, pink beans or pigeon)
Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit Salad
Red Wine (Merlot)
White Wine (Dry or Medium)
Water (1.5 Litres)

Note that vegetarian and special requirements can also be catered for. Meals are charged at US$20/person, except for Lobster and Lambi meals which cost US$30 per person. A standard meal consist of 1 entree and up to 3 side dishes. Note that a meal for 2 is restricted to a total of 4 different side dishes or will incur an additional side dish cost. Additional entrees are US$10 each per person. Additional side dishes are US$4 each per person. Desert is US$5 each per person. A bottle of wine cost US$18 per bottle and a bottle of water US$3

Can provide a hot welcome meal on arrival at your villa or on any day during your stay. A breakfast menu is also available upon request. Breakfast is charged at US$10/person.

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