2-Centre Holiday


If the idea of spending 2 weeks of peace and relaxation is too much for you, why not combine a holiday in St Lucia with another week in our French neighbouring island of Martinique.

By maximizing your holiday experience with a two centre holiday you experience a fun and exciting way to see the diversity of 2 different countries. Despite being at very close proximity to each other St Lucia and Martinique are very different in infrastructure, culture and language.

Take a trip through Fort-de-France (capital of Martinique) and there will me moments when you may think that this is Paris in the Caribbean. Effectively Martinique is part of France in the Caribbean.


Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department of France in the Caribbean Sea, north of St. Lucia and south of Dominica. The island is dominated by Mount Pelee, which on 8 May 1902 erupted and completely destroyed the city of Saint Pierre, killing 30,000 inhabitants. In the South of the island, there are many beautiful beaches with a lot of tourists. In the North, the rain forests and the black sand beaches are worth seeing. The interior of the island is mountainous. The closest neighboring islands are to the north: Dominica, 16 miles away, Guadeloupe, 75 miles away, and to the south: Saint Lucia, 23 miles away. The official currency is the Euro.


St Lucia has arguably the most arresting sight in the whole Caribbean – the green and precipitous volcanic cones of the Petit Piton and Gros Piton rising out of a blue ocean. Ideal for the scenery as much as to flop on the beach. Much of St Lucia is mountainous and covered in a blanket of thick rainforest, and the south-west corner has arguably the most arresting sight in the whole Caribbean: of the green and precipitous volcanic cones of the Petit Piton and Gros Piton rising out of a blue ocean. That is not to say that St Lucia doesn’t have some lovely beaches – they are golden in the north, and mostly silvery in the volcanic south. It’s just that they are rather outshone by the island’s other natural assets.

Currency: The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar – written EC$. It’s pegged to the US dollar at US$1 to EC$2.70. You can pay for most things in US dollars as well as EC dollars, though you’ll be given change in EC dollars, and establishments normally use a rate of EC$2.60 to $1. Some things, such as hotel rates, and sometimes food and drink in hotels, are quoted in US dollars. Cash points issue EC dollars.


You can either fly or take the ferry. Flights from Air Caraibes are daily, takes 15 mins and cost approximately US$184 (135 Euros) return. The ferry travels twice daily from Rodney Bay, cost US$128 (95 Euros) and takes 1hr 15mins to cross.

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